It all started in the early 1960’s when the call went out from Canada for skilled tradesmen and professionals.  The Caribbean community answered and welders, mechanics, electricians, teachers, nurses etc. came.  A large contingent settled in Hamilton and Brantford.  The socializing centered around house parties and the dances at the old Jewish Community Centre.  The group started to coalesce.  In 1979 I had the pleasure of incorporating the Afro-Canadian Caribbean Association of Hamilton & District.  The organization has seen some lean times but continues to grow.  It provides a dynamic cultural home for many and a vibrant meeting place to exchange ideas and grow.  Our law firm remains a backroom side to its governance. Congratulations to the Afro-Canadian Caribbean Association of Hamilton & District on its 40th anniversary. May you continue to grow and advance.

Mackesy Smye LLP