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Our Story

The Afro Canadian Caribbean Association (ACCA) was established in 1979 to unite Hamilton’s Black communities. ACCA does this through programs and activities that facilitate successful participation in all aspects of community life.

ACCA was the brainchild of Collin Hall, a Jamaican immigrant who migrated from England to Hamilton. Hall was concerned about the lack of a unified group to represent Hamilton’s growing Black community. He brought together Hamiltonians of Afro Caribbean and Afro Canadian backgrounds with the goal “to create and foster a spirit of unity”.

The first elected president of the Association was Rev. Robert Foster, a long-standing member of the local Black community and a pastor at Stewart Memorial Church. The historic church had served as a centre of Black life in Hamilton.

ACCA offered a variety of programs to meet the cultural and social needs of Hamilton’s growing black population. In the beginning, it’s focus was cultural retention and celebrations.  Later ACCA’s focus broadened to include youth leadership, civic education, settlement and integration services, and recreational activities for the whole family. ACCA soon become a safe and embracing space for Canadians of African and Caribbean ancestry.

ACCA acquired two properties in Hamilton – an administrative office which currently houses several community agencies and a banquet facility located in the heart of the city.

ACCA continues to offer a wide variety of programming to the community. The seniors program provides support and outreach to elders who are at risk of social isolation. The youth mentorship program helps young people achieve their goals through one-on-one intergenerational mentorship. The Black Future program focuses on building up the self-esteem and self-confidence of our youth and children.

Today, the ACCA continues to provide a space to belong, and the freedom to discover one’s sense of self, while honoring the community’s history and the individuals who added to its vibrancy. ACCA’s forward thinking drives and empowers its members to live a lives filled with black excellence.


The African Canadian Caribbean community is an engaged and empowered community.


To facilitate and foster community engagement and empowerment for all members of the Afro Canadian Caribbean community including youth.


All residents of The Greater City of Hamilton have the right to a good life. We can assist our residence by working together to achieve this goal. Collaboration within and outside our communities is paramount in achieving our objectives. With our genuine concern for individuals and groups with life disparities, we will succeed by empowering other organizations and individuals that share these core values.

Our Strategic Themes: 

Life-Long Learning

Youth Engagement

Partnership and Collaboration


Community Leadership and Advocacy