Statement by the Afro Canadian Caribbean Association About Anti-Black Racism and the Killing of George Floyd.  

The brutal murder of George Floyd has sent a shock wave around the world. 

The Afro Canadian Caribbean Association (ACCA) condemns the most recent blatant acts of racism and racially motivated police killing of George Floyd in Minnesota, along with the recent killing of Ahmaud Arbery in Atlanta.  

We are acutely aware that racism does not stop the border. In fact, anti-Black bias is a daily reality faced here in Hamilton. The recent hate crime report by the Hamilton Police Service stated that Black Hamiltonians were targeted in 34 of the 38 racial incidents.

As Canadians, we take pride in our multiculturalism, yet in too many communities in our country, African Canadians experience racism that is manifested in racial profiling, high unemployment, under-employment,  health disparity outcomes and the overrepresentation of African Canadian children in child welfare systems, just to name a few.  

The impact and consequences of racism and discrimination has created systemic barriers that continue to prevent African Canadians from participating equitably in a large part of Canadian society.

This is unacceptable. We cannot thrive as a society when our communities are faced with barriers that are preventing them from reaching their full potential. 

We are disheartened by the unrelenting attacks and killing of Blacks and the weaponization of Black bodies both in Canada and the United States of America.  

The ACCA is committed to working collaboratively in this city to address anti-Black racism through advocacy and the provision of programs for youth and the broader community that will empower them to become participants in the political, social and economic system in this great country.

In addition, we are demanding that a transparent and complete investigation into the death of 29-year-old Regis Korchinski Paquet be carried out immediately by the SIU.  

“As a community, we must continue to challenge the systemic racism ingrained in institutions, policies and practices in our country and city” says ACCA president Evelyn Myrie.  

We urge Hamiltonians to take sustainable action to eradicate racism and discrimination. We urge our local city officials to provide necessary supports to organizations working to address racism across our city.  

Media Contact:

Evelyn Myrie, President

905 531 2107 

The Afro-Canadian Caribbean Association of Hamilton and District is a charitable non-profit organization formed on January 10, 1979. Our creed is Unity, Strength and Progress. Therefore through its members ACCA strives to provide a vehicle for uniting all African, Canadian and Caribbean people residing in the Hamilton region.


The African-Canadian Caribbean community is an engaged and empowered community.


The mission of the Afro Canadian Caribbean Association is to facilitate and foster community engagement and empowerment for all members of our community including youth.


All residents of Hamilton Wentworth have the right to a  good life. We can assist our residence by working together to achieve this goal. It’s better together! Collaboration within and outside our communities is paramount in achieving objectives. With our genuine concern for individuals and groups with life disparities, we will succeed by empowering other organizations and individuals that share these core values.

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